ZORBI™ Urinal Bags, Disposable

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Single use • Non biodegradable • Keep Dry Dispose of liquid waste with proper care. Non Comestible - If ingested, immediately call a physician Skin Contact: Eye Contact: Rinse abundantly with waterWash with soap and water
Product Description
ZORBI™ bags and powder are a quick and convenient method of disposing liquid human waste while minimizing its contact with equipment or staff. All ZORBI™ bags contain a water soluble packet of ZORBI™ Super Absorbent Powder. In just 30 seconds, the super absorbent powder transforms up to 500 ml of organic liquids and waste into a gel, which locks in odours and reduces splashing. The bags can then be sealed and disposed of quickly and easily. •ZORBI™ stops the transformation of urea into ammonia which prevents odours. •6.3” x 15” (16 x 38 cm) •All ZORBI™ bags contain a water soluble packet of Super Absorbent Powder. •Make the collection, transport and disposal of waste quick and easy. •Are infection control friendly. •Block odours. •Save time and operating costs. •Provide a safer and more pleasant work environment. •Improve quality of care and quality of life. •Feature a patented closing system with prelap and double-sided inner pocket.

Product Details