CPAP Consultants

At Shoppers Home Health Care we carry a wide range of the most technologically up-to-date CPAP masks and accessories. Our CPAP consultants, who are Registered Respiratory Therapists, Registered Nurses or Registered Polysomnographic Technologists, will work directly with your physician to ensure you are receiving the best clinical support, and that you understand what CPAP therapy can do for you.

  • Free CPAP trials and written quotes
  • Follow-ups post sale
  • Dedicated fitting rooms 
  • Auto studies*
  • ASV (adaptive servo ventilation) trials*
  • Apnea Links*
  • OVOX (Overnight Oximetery) tests*
  • Seniors Discounts and PC Optimum points available on client paid portions. 

Call your local store today to set up an appointment to learn how we can help you get your best sleep.* 

*Services available at select locations.

Consultation / Fittings

We provide a range of specialty healthcare services and products for people facing specific healthcare challenges. Our trained fitters make sure that all of our customers and clients get the right product with the perfect fit to help speed recovery. Also our professionally trained Respiratory Therapists and Nurses can work with you and your physician to ensure you understand how to use your equipment.

Shoppers Home Health Care specialty service includes:

  • Free written estimates for on-going repairs and maintenance
  • Service by certified technicians
  • Work is always guaranteed
Home Retrofit

We can provide solutions for home accessibility that increase safety and the ability to live independently. From the first in-home assessment to the final safety inspection, you can trust Shoppers Home Health Care to provide you with the best solution, tailored to your individual needs.

Product Rental

Our rental program provides the ability to:

  • Set up a temporary safer environment without costly renovations
  • Meet your short term needs
  • Access equipment that is guaranteed to be clean safe and reliable  
  • Rent various equipment before deciding to purchase it
  • Tailor solutions to meet individual lifestyles

Our dedicated technical service departments are there when you need them to help you with any technical issues or repair. We pride ourselves on keeping all of our clients’ mobility devices in perfect working order. We can even provide replacement equipment in the event that we need a little more time to work on your equipment.

We can come to you, or you can bring your equipment to one of  our Shoppers Home Health Care locations across Canada – simply drop by during business hours at any time that is convenient for you.